The Faroese National Team

Forlag: Ítróttarbøkur
Útgávuár: 1999
Prísur: 268.00
ISBN: 99918-915-8-7
Rithøvundi: Jóhannes Hansen
Evni: Fólkalívsfrøði
Støða: Á goymslu
Síðutal: 225

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In 1988, FA. was gained FIFA membership. Since then, the Natioal team has played 59 games against other FIFA member countries. Everytime the National team has played, it has been widely reported in the media, and many discussions by the public, regarding expectations/hopes, how they faired, why they faired as they did.
Upto now, no collective work has been done regarding what actually took place over the elapsed decade since 1988. This book is an attempt to rectify this situation. By creating a book of reference, the reader will be able to look up what actually happened, and also through the explanations, why the various events happened as they did. Mr. Jóannes Hansen and Mr. Finnur Helmsdal have for many years been involved in reporting football in the Faroese prerr, and apart from publishing soccer yearbooks up through the nineties, they have now pooled their efforts in this book. Mr. Ivan Eginsson, a journalist and expert on international football statistics, has been a major support to the authors. This work explains the correct catalogue of events leading upto the Faroese FA gaining international recognition, it describes the 59 matches playd from the 24th. of August 1988 upto the 9th. of June 1999.
The book contains a wealth of statistical information on all the 59 matches played up to the 9th of June 1999, all the players involved, and from the European Championships and World Cup preliminary rouds, where the Faros national team has participated. The book contains 170 photographs.