Anti Sea Shephard comix

Forlag: Egið
Útgávuár: 2015
Prísur: 69.00
ISBN: 5712189000317
Rithøvundi: Jógvan á Høvdanum yngri
Evni: Teknirøðir
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Støða: Útseld
Síðutal: 58

Um bókina
Yes - it has been one Hell of a ride. I have been drawing (at least) one Anti Sea Shepherd comic this year (over 100 comics) and I have been writing a lot of articles about Sea Shepherd and Faroe Islands. See my last Anti Sea Shepherd (faroese edition) comic below ...

But that dosen't mean, that am I not going to continue drawing Anti Sea Shepherd comics. Hell no!

I am going to continue to draw Anti Sea Shepherd for my japanese friends and also help them fight against the corrupt organisation Sea Shepherd - but I ain't going to draw one Anti Sea Shepherd comic a day ... maybe I will draw three (kidding, folk's) - but the text (most likely) is going to be in japanese (maybe english). I would like to thank everybody in Faroe Islands, Japan, Denmark and all over the world - that have been sending me new ideas for Anti Sea Shepherd. Also want to thank everybody that has liked & shared my Anti Sea Shepherd comics this year. It has been a blast - All that's left to say is: Thank you and Goodnight!

Jógvan á Høvdanum (junior) 01.10.2015