Last Places

Forlag: Mariner Books
Útgávuár: 2000
Prísur: 245.00
ISBN: 978-0-618-08248-3
Rithøvundi: Lawrence Millman
Evni: Bøkur til ferðafólk
Ikki innbundin
Støða: Á goymslu
Síðutal: 242

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Last Palaces is Lawrence Millman´s marvelously told account of his
journey along the ancient Viking sea routes that extend from Norway to Newfoundland. Traveling through landscapes
of transcendent desolation, Millman wandered by way of the Shetland Islands, the Faeroes, Island, Greenland, and Labrador.
His trip was marked by surprising human encounters - with a convicted murderer in Reykjavík, an Inuit hermit in Greenland,
an Icelandic guide who leads him to a place called Hell, and a Newfoundlander who warns him abuot the local variant of the
Abominable Snowman. By turns earthy and lyrical, Last Places is an ebullient celebration of the exotic North.