Daniel j. Danielsen and the Congo Missionary Campaigns and Atrocity Photographs

Forlag: Egið
Útgávuár: 2014
Prísur: 200.00
ISBN: 978-0-9570177-4-0
Rithøvundi: Óli Jacobsen
Evni: Bøkur til ferðafólk
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Støða: Á goymslu
Síðutal: 200

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This book makes three bold new claims for Daniel J. Danielsen 1871-1916.

He took some of the most famous photographs of the atrocities in the Congo under the rule of King Leopold II of Belgium that were used by writers such as Mark Twain.
He was the first to hold public meetings in the campaign which wold stir the conscience of the public and force a change of regime in the Congo.
As the first Faroese-speaking, full-time Brethren evangelist, he head a crucial role at a critical juncture in the spread of the movement within the Faroes.

A forgotten tombstone in an old island cemetery started Óli Jacobsen on his quest. Throguh painstaking original research, he persuasively makes a conielsen from the obscurity into which he had fallen and restores him to his rightful place in history. The book also paints a facinating portrait of a man and his times, and how this "fearless soldier of the Lord" campaigned tirelessly to change them.