The Old Man and his Sons

Forlag: Paul S. Eriksson, Inc.
Útgávuár: 1970
Prísur: 244.00
ISBN: 9780839784128
Rithøvundi: Heðin Brú
Umsett: John F. West
Evni: Bøkur til ferðafólk
Ikki innbundin
Støða: Á goymslu
Síðutal: 203

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The Old Man and his Sons by Heðin Brú - Translated from the Faroese and with an introduction by John F. West
There is, in this remarkable novel out of the Faroe Islands in the North Sea, a unique earthiness and rich humanity that bridges a generation gap across the centuries. The skilfully told story of a handful of people, living their sea-washed, daring and difficult lives on these remote islands, vibrates with a spirit, almost at times a savagery, that recalls the ancient Norsemen and Viking sagas. Yet this is the story of modern times; these are the people of the Faroe Islands today, from the opening chapter with its whale kill in the harbor, with all the local people participating in its blood and foam and fury, to the delicate moments when Ketil and his wife, alone at home in their bleak, treeless island world, begin to deal with a problem of an unlooked-for indebtedness that could tear apart their lives.
It is not a story of characters but of people, of human beings whose lives and struggles, tragedies and laughter, are all the more moving and real because of the remoteness and isolation of their rockbound universe. Described as the story of the struggle between old and new, this unusual novel has won praise throughout the scandinavian world. One literary critic wrote: "The dialogue is rich and powerful..." Another termed it "A pearl of glistening humor." Declared a third, "The old village folk with Ketil as chief character are simple and primitive in many ways but they are real and big enough in their place in life..."
It is a book difficult to set aside, once begun, and when finished even more difficult to put out of one's thoughts.