A pictorial view of the Faroe Islands

Forlag: Egið Forlag
Útgávuár: 2012
Prísur: 199.00
ISBN: 9781620300244
Rithøvundi: James J. McGrath II
Evni: Bøkur til ferðafólk
Ikki innbundin
Støða: Útseld
Síðutal: 169

Um bókina
This book is a pictorial description about towns in the Faroe Islands. The large color photographs in this book all have captions explaining historical facts, so the reader can gain a better insight about this country. The Faroe Islands - a group of 18 islands - is located midway between Iceland, Norway and Scotland, and the 48,500 inhabitants speak the Faroese language. This language is linguistically close to Icelandic, and is spoken by nearly 60,000 people in the world. The capital city of Tórshavn has 19,000 residents, making it one of the smallest capitals in the world. The pictures in this book capture some amazing vistas around the country, as well as provide readers with views of historical sites. There is also information about the British defense of the Faroe Islands during World War II. There are still relics from this period on the islands, and this book contains pictures of some of these sites. This book even contains facts regarding early Norse and Celtic settlement on the Faroe Islands.