The Lost Musicians

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Our bookshop: Fast & professional service

H. N. J. Bókahandil
Postbox 55
FO 110 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

Our Service

We strive to always guarantee a fast and professional service. Therefore it’s of vital importance, that we in connection with orders get as much relevant information as possible regarding our customers; for instance telephone number and E- mail adress, but also a possible fax-machine number.

Delivery by mail or picking up at the shop

Orders on our website, which the customer wants delivered by mail, will normally be brought to the local postoffice in Tórshavn within three workdays, providing we or the publisher have got the items in stock.
On our website you’ll always be able to see which books we have in store.

Orders for picking up at the shop

When we recieve an order which the customer wants to pick up at the store himself, we will notify the customer by E-mail when the order is ready to collect. Unless other agreements have been made we expect the customer to pay when the goods are being collected.
There is no expedition-fee on orders collected at the shop.


Books are VAT-free in the Faroes so the prices on our website include sales to countries abroad. Other goods sold in the Faroes usually have 25% VAT added to the price.

Cancelling an order

The customer can cancel an order as long as it has’nt been posted. The customer must as soon as possible E-mail us at describing which items to cancel.
When we receive the cancellation-order we will report back to the customer to inform wether or not the cancellation is possible. If not, the customer still can return the goods within 2 weeks after placing his order.

Rights of returning goods

The customer has the rights to return goods within 2 weeks after placing his order.
The postage-rate for returning the goods must be paid by the customer, and the invoice/delivery-note must be attached to the returning goods.
Seals on books, CD’s, computer-programmes and other similar items must not be broken, and the goods must not be damaged.
The returned goods must be sent to our adresss and marked:RETUR
The customer will as soon as possible receive a credit-note from us as proof that we have received and credited the returned goods.

Payment overdue

In the event of overdue payment, we will send a reminder, with added interest and fee according to regulations.

Feel free to contact us anytime at:
Telephone: +298 31 10 36
Fax: +298 31 78 73

H.N. Jacobsens Bókahandil
Postbox 55
Fo-110 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands